WHOA!! Hints of MASSIVE CONSPIRACY Involving Wasserman Schultz, Pakistan Radicals, and Murder -

WHOA!! Hints of MASSIVE CONSPIRACY Involving Wasserman Schultz, Pakistan Radicals, and Murder

Watch this carefully.  We intuitively knew that DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was into some pretty sick stuff.  There is way more here than meets the eye.  There are tantalizing clues that tie together Democrats with the e-mails, the Seth Rich murder, and the Pakastani traitor who is being shielded by Schultz.  Hell, just look at her whole appearance.  She looks like a person under a tremendous weight of guilt.  Something very bad is going on.


In May the detective hired by the family  was on with Sean Hannity and revealed  an interesting fact. The DNC was tipped off that Wheeler was looking into the murder of Seth Rich by the D.C. police department.

Why did the authorities feel it was their job to make that private information known?

Rich apparently was sending Assange the information. Wheeler has tried to see Rich’s computer but no one in the police department or at the FBI seems to know what happened to it.

So where is it? And why do the police want to be so secretive about it?

Now enter the saga of the Pakistani crook working for the Democrats and apparently stealing both money and secrets out from under Democrat noses.

Wheeler tweeted a couple days ago about the arrest of Imran Awan, the aide to former DNC Chairwoman Wasserman Schultz. 


Then he makes dark hints about a possible connection between the multiple cases involving Democrats at TOP levels.


 This guy has some inside information.  Time will tell, but we are watching closely as this develops.

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