VOTE: Should Trump Require Re-screening For ALL Immigrants Who Entered Without Proper Vetting? -

VOTE: Should Trump Require Re-screening For ALL Immigrants Who Entered Without Proper Vetting?

Do you want to know the reason Hillary Clinton is NOT sitting in the White House? Think it was her scandal-ridden email server debacle? Maybe you feel it had to do with her history as Secretary of State and how she let 4 Americans die in a foreign city?

Those are definitely part of the equation. But the main fact is, she would continue the policies of her mentor Barack Obama. Especially the policy of allowing radical Muslims to enter this country with no safeguards put into place.

Donald Trump stayed on track when he was campaigning about the radical Muslim immigration. He wanted a halt to their coming here for a period of time. That position put him in the liberal crosshairs.

Yet the man stood his ground and he won the presidency. It wasn’t based on hate of a people. It was for the safety of a nation. Love of country came first and foremost.

He was asked once if “Muslims should be banned from entering the country until we can figure out what’s going on?” The man never wavered when he responded with definitely. As he put it, there was no plan in place to vet these people. His desire was that background checks would occur before anyone crossed the border into America.

Nor did he care if it hurt his possible election. Well, as it turned out…Americans agreed with his position. We saw the proof of that on January 20th when Trump was sworn in as our 45th President.

Trump’s words about Obama’s move to uncontrolled immigration:

“Look at what’s happening. It’s terrible what they have done to some of these countries …they are destroying Europe. I’m not going to let that happen to the United States,”

What do you expect from a man that will not call terrorism what it truly is? It is not “workplace” violence.

The president is correct in wanting to make sure anyone coming here is a safe fit for this land. He plans on continuing his trajectory of vetting before another Muslim walks into this country.



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