VOTE: Should the Russian Investigation be turned against the Comey, Lynch, and Clinton Scandal? -

VOTE: Should the Russian Investigation be turned against the Comey, Lynch, and Clinton Scandal?

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BOOM: Top Democrat Just Spilled the Beans About The Trump Investigation

It’s all over folks!

The ridiculous conspiracy theory that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election is doing two major things. The first is that it is exasperating the Democrats as they scrabble around for any shred of proof to show that they were justified in making this whole thing up. And the second is that as people dig deeper and deeper, it turns out that there was some dodgy activity taking place…but it was the Dems doing it.

Senator Mark Warner just accidentally ditched the whole Trump Russia collusion idea by stating in a Jake Tapper interview that there is no “Smoking Gun” evidence that Donald Trump did something wrong.

So if they have no evidence despite searching since November, why are the MSM still going on about it? Could it be because they are losing the battle to discredit or remove the President? With the revelations that the DNC data was actually stolen by murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, and the latest announcement that sensitive data has been passed to the MSM by holdovers from the Obama administration on “UNSECURED SERVERS”, it looks likely that there will be some heads rolling over this investigation after all.

We, the Public, need to demand that the investigation is widened to include where these rumours came from in the first place. As most people already suspect, it was likely dreamed up by John Podesta and Hillary Clinton to try and overturn her shocking loss.

 The Democrats might as well change their name to the Doomacrats, because after this breakthrough today by Senator Mark Warner, they are doomed.

So Warner, the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, went on CNN for a little “confessional” with Jake Tapper. When Tapper asked him about evidence of collusion, Warner dropped this bombshell…


He tried to use some political spin to make it sound better. I believe the quote was “Listen, there’s a lot of smoke. We have no smoking gun at this point. But there is a lot of smoke.”

Hmmmm. I don’t know about all of that. If you ask me, the only smoke they are chasing is the Smokescreen their own party set up.

Like how there has been no serious investigation into Wasserman Schultz, a sitting Senator, after she rigged the Democrat primaries for Hillary and then threatened a cop on camera over evidence. But yeah, I’m sure the Republicans are the issue here…

You know what, NO. No more of this crazy BS the media has tricked people into believing. The Washington Post and New York Times will print ANYTHING they hear with zero $hits given about accuracy. It’s terrible.

Let’s show the world the truth about their evidence that Trump and Russia somehow worked together in the election…because there is not any! That’s why we need to share this interview out to everyone see they see too. We got ’em now.

Share this EVERYWHERE, and comment below!

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