THUGS Thought Home Invasion & Rape Were A Good Idea...Until Grandpa Blew Them Away With A Shotgun!! -

THUGS Thought Home Invasion & Rape Were A Good Idea…Until Grandpa Blew Them Away With A Shotgun!!

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Protecting one’s family is inherent in most normal people. Liberals will find fault with this premise…but as mentioned, most NORMAL people.

For one grandfather, the call to be prepared and look after loved ones came home to roost. When three lowlifes attempted to rob his family and rape a granddaughter, this man took immediate action.

A perfect example of why our 2nd Amendment rights must stay protected.

The grandfather, 67-year-old Kenneth Byrd, faced the three suspects when they attempted to do a home invasion. The aftermath left Mr. Byrd with a few gunshot wounds (he is in recovery) and one suspect dead.

These three individuals, identified as Jamie Lee Faison (20), Brandon Carver Stephens (28) and Jamar Hawkins (17), entered the Byrd residence late Monday evening claiming to have car problems. One suspect distracted Byrd while the other two pushed on through. That is when they sought to rob the family and seek to harm the 19-yr-old granddaughter.

With quick thinking, Mr. Byrd grabbed his firearm and began to fire upon the three men. In the ensuing fire-fight, Mr. Byrd was able to hit all three suspects before they ran from the premises. They made their escape in the Byrd family Cadillac.

When authorities caught up with the home invaders, one (Faison) was dead and the others wounded.

Byrd’s wife, Judy, and the granddaughter were not harmed according to Robeson County Sheriff Kenneth Sealey.

This story is a perfect reminder why all Americans must continue to be firm about their right to bear arms. Society is not going to play fair and the police cannot be everywhere. The end result would have been much different if not for Byrd’s quick response and judgment.

Our prayers are with Mr. Byrd for a full recovery.

How do you feel about how this turned out? Do you feel our Second Amendment rights are worth the fight to protect?

Via: American News

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