GO HOME: Thousands of Muslims Obstruct NYC Streets In Protest of President Trump's Travel Ban -

GO HOME: Thousands of Muslims Obstruct NYC Streets In Protest of President Trump’s Travel Ban

This is outrageous, alarming, and dangerously hidden from the public, left unreported by the vast majority of the mainstream fake news media outlets. What the media has become is alarming.

We need a free press, but our press has abused its freedoms and morphed into a leftist war machine, focusing on nothing-burgers like CNN themselves recently admitted with the Russia story, to things President Trump tweets rather than what he actually DOES!

We can no longer afford a press that is bought out by predominantly leftist personal interests and radical political agendas. This has to stop, and independent free press corps must go back to reporting the truth and facts.

Do you agree, folks?

If stuff like what you are about to see was on the 6 o’clock news and was front page news (as it should be, it is relevant information), very few people would be pro-immigration.

If you are in favor of bringing refugees to America, this is what you’re asking for.

Without a permit, thousands of Muslims took over streets of New York City for the call to prayer. Allahu Akbar rang through the streets. The mainstream media isn’t reporting this. This was in support of Standing Rock and against the so-called “Muslim ban” that isn’t a Muslim ban.

Communist mayor de Blasio did nothing about it.

This is not the first time this has taken place.



The lying, fake news mainstream media outlets won’t tell you all of this or report any of it.

If they did, much less people would vote left/liberal/democrat

But that is the thing, people don’t know because the mainstream media does not want people to know. They bury stories like this.

The mainstream media as it is now and has been since roughly the 1970s should be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up. It is rotten to the core and is so far from neutral and balanced, it boggles the mind how can anyone claim the mainstream media is not working for the left.

The mainstream media is the propaganda arm, it is the indoctrination , the brainwashing department of the left/liberals/democrats.

News on Trump is over 90% negative, and was about as negative for Bush, Reagan, Nixon…and News about Obama was almost always positive news.

It is almost mathematically impossible that a President only does good things every second of the day for 8 years as the media had us believe about Obama and it is almost mathematically impossible that a man does only bad things every second of the day as the media wants us to believe about Trump.

There must have been times when Obama was bad and when Trump was/is good. Just like it can not rain every day or be sunny every day.

Yet the media presents things exactly this way; only bad news about the right, only good news about the left.

The media is a joke….there are more fake things on the news than in a magic show.

The media is a lying machine.

What is worse is that I see people I care about who are so brainwashed they do not even know they are brainwashed. They believe the silliest things, they are like zombies, they seem to have no brains.

Whatever the media tells them is their opinion, becomes their opinion, and they get angry at you if you try to educate them on what is the complete story (like Muslims blocking streets without a permit and if you did that you or me – a non-Muslim – we’d be in jail).

The mainstream media is rotten to the core, and should be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.

Share this wherever you can to continue to expose the very fake news media so that the pressure can be put on them to start reporting true facts!

Also, leave us a comment below with your thoughts!


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