A Small American City Has FULLY Submitted To Sharia Law – EVERYONE Needs to See This -

A Small American City Has FULLY Submitted To Sharia Law – EVERYONE Needs to See This

The US Constitution is the guiding light of Democracy in this land. It was not established to allow some other form of law to supersede it. Our founding fathers created this document as the way for a new nation to flourish. It is a unique achievement in human history and is the final flowering of millennia of human thought and struggle.  It is a precious gift for which we should all be profoundly grateful. Many soldiers have paid the ultimate price defending her.

This citizens of this country will never bow to a new set of laws such as Sharia which sees itself as superior to every human document including our Constitution. That’s as long as there are still Patriots willing to stand for their heritage.

Sharia Law is the Muslim rules of life and governance. It is declaratively hostile to the non-believer. It is based upon the Koran and is not compatible with our Christianity based Constitution in the long run as many Imams have verified.

As a system that seeks to supersede the Constitution it has no authority for any true American. Yet in one American town that seems to have been exactly what has occurred. Thanks to former President Barack Obama, Sharia law has been established and now operates openly in this particular community.

This needs to be a warning cry for all Americans to root out any roots of Sharia and fight to have it removed.

Allowing Muslims to immigrate with no vetting or controls in place is downright stupid. If they are going to come here, we have to know who they are and what they represent in regards to culture and especially their willingness to submit to our Constitution.

Watch the video to see what is happening in this one community. Then share this all over Twitter and Facebook. 




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