The SECRET MEETING Between Trump and Mattis Changes EVERYTHING! -

The SECRET MEETING Between Trump and Mattis Changes EVERYTHING!


Liberals hate a strong military. Why? Because it means the nation is making a mark against all enemies foreign and domestic. Under Obama the military continued to be cut in budget and ability. The overall strength was diminished by reducing the ranks of the men and women in uniform.

The former president also low balled their morale. The shooting at Ft. Hood a few years ago was classified as workplace violence. The shooter was a Muslim in uniform, thus a terrorist. The VA continued to spiral downward due to corruption and second class  priority by Obama.

Now President Trump has inspired our troops to be proud again. Their Commander-and-Chief respects their mission in the world. He proved that by placing warriors at the helm of the Pentagon he could inspire the troops and restore a more lethal force. No more pink unicorns.

The new Secretary of Defense is a former soldier and understands the military. So, when he gave Trump amazing news about ISIS being cut down, you know the President paid close attention. As James “Bulldog” Mattis related to Trump, ISIS is “falling fast.”


The two-hour meeting included Trump, Mattis, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, VP Mike Pence and other important cabinet members. Secured in the room known as “The Tank”, they discussed many important issues important to national security. Of course, the liberal media was aghast that they could not attend the gathering.
All these men know that no good can come from allowing the liberal press to be privy to their meetings. 
We thank this president and the military for making ISIS take to the hills. Once they are obliterated, people will have to be more grateful for President Trump.
Not surprisingly, the liberals will deny Trump any credit for destroying this terrorist menace. Conservatives were gracious with Obama when he killed Osama bin Laden. But liberals will never do the same for Trump. They only care about their partisan politics. 
Let’s let Trump and Mattis know their constant vigil in keeping America safe is greatly appreciated. Make the story go viral.


h/t: Liberty Writers


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