POLL: Will Hillary Eventually End Up in Prison? -

POLL: Will Hillary Eventually End Up in Prison?

It has become clear that there are many people from the Obama era that have less than wholesome attitudes toward their own country.  That’s probably not surprising given Obama’ own loyalty problem.  Even still, many people have been thrown in prison for far less serious infractions than Hillary.  It’s a clear case of special treatment.  Hillary’s protection racket just might be coming to an end as she has messed with the wrong guy in Trump.  All indications are that Trump has had enough.  Multiple investigations into the Clinton crime family are beginning.  Suddenly she is keeping a low profile.

In the 1960’s FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover worked with a producer named Quinn Martin to produce a series titled “The FBI.” During its 9 year run, the show ran episode after episode of how espionage was dealt with in regards to American traitors. Of course that was Hollywood.

Today Hollywood could not create the scripts to match real-life America in the area of treasonous citizens.

Case in point; the  Trump Administration just caught a former State Department Officer betraying the country! Kevin Mallory, a former State Department employee was recently caught dealing with the Chinese. He had been transmitting top security files to Chinese agents.

His case came to the public forefront during a session of the US District Court in Virginia.


The 60 year-old Mallory still hold top level security clearances as a self-employed consultant and was a part of the CIA at one time. If Inspector Lewis Erskine had apprehended Mallory, his days were numbered as a free man. But again this is real life.

The coffin nail

Allegedly, Mallory was stopped at O’Hare Airport after having been to Shanghai. On his person was found over $16,000 in cash. This was no fact finding mission for American betterment. This was a personal benefit he received for secrets out of DC.

What is funny is that Hillary Clinton so far has not seen any prosecution for her treason. But the system is working for those that benefited by selling out their country. Mallory is nothing more than a low-life scum that placed personal gain over American interests.

He is facing some hard time when the process is completed for justice. It is doubtful he worked alone. There is undoubtedly more to this case than the surface appearance.

Do you believe Mallory should face the full penalty of the law for his treason?  And will Hillary ever be held to the same standard?

h/t: Washington Post

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