POLL: Should Trump begin an investigation into where all Obama’s money comes from? -

POLL: Should Trump begin an investigation into where all Obama’s money comes from?


Obama Tax Audit Turns Up MILLIONS In Offshore Accounts Stolen From Taxpayers

Does anyone really doubt that Barack Obama and Barry Soetoro are one in the same? Throughout his presidency, Obama was either referenced that way in jest or as a side remark. So when off-shore accounts pop-up that reflects that name, is anyone really caught off-guard?

In an auditing taken of the former president, three off-shore accounts were discovered reflecting a total of $411 million. These tax-haven accounts apparently showed the name of Barry Soetoro, LCC as the holder. Guess where it came from?

The U.S. Treasury allegedly made the payments. All part of the “Royalty Payments for Obamacare.” Does that mean because the (at the time) pending legislation for health Insurance allowed him to have monies processed as his name was attached? The payments stopped once the act became known as the Affordable Care Act.


So tax payer monies went to a sitting president to offshore bank accounts. That simply smells of corruption right there.

So to do a recap:

  • The Obamacare name allowed for receipt of monies of over $400 million.
  • The accounts were in three different countries…why so diverse if above board?
  • No proof that Obama and OSetoro are one in the same…but definitely this Soetoro had an interest in Obamacare.
  • The monies came from a U.S. federal agency.

The tax on this windfall totals to nearly $170 million. Does Barry Soetoro live in the form of the former president? Has anyone tried to remove any portion of these monies recently or has the government been smart and put a freeze on them?

Liberals will tell you that even if it is Obama’s money, that he came across it fairly. Because leftists know what fair means.

Let people know about this on Facebook. There is no reason that a former president should be allowed to get away with this type of theft.



h/t: Freedom’s Final Stand

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