POLL: Should The Next FBI Director Prosecute Hillary Clinton For Her Email? -

POLL: Should The Next FBI Director Prosecute Hillary Clinton For Her Email?

All along conservatives have felt that Hillary Clinton should have faced prosecution by the DOJ. Her email server scandal was a huge security breach for this country. As Secretary of State under President Obama, as for any one in that position, there is a protocol for handling security sensitive communication. Using private email servers at home is not part of that practice.

So it is not surprise that people people within the FBI felt Clinton should have faced prosecution. It baffles them Director James Comey would not push for having her arrested. Acting Director (currently a nominee for the position is undergoing confirmation hearings) Andrew McCabe believes that his former boss should have pushed for it.

Many in the FBI feel that Comey let their agency down by not pursuing charges against Bill’s wife. Than DOJ Attorney General Loretta Lynch seems to have worked alongside Comey in not doing more towards prosecution.

The FBI is a top law enforcement agency in the country for crimes within the borders. Hillary as a candidate for President cheated justice than and many feel that the new FBI Director should seek prosecution.

McCabe about the agency’s attitude regarding Comey and Clinton;

“I think morale’s always been good, but there were folks within our agency that were frustrated with the outcome of the Hillary Clinton case and some of those folks were very vocal about those concerns.”

Last July Comey announced he would not be seeking prosecution charges. Stating that Hillary used poor judgement in regards to her using  private email for national issues, he could not justify bringing charges. Yet many in the FBI felt there was more than enough evidence to pursue prosecution with Clinton.

Some people believe Comey’s firing by Trump stemmed from his investigation into Trump/Russian election collusion. The fact is that there is no collusion in regards to Trump. If anything the DNC had prior knowledge that their computer servers were hacked and tried to create a Russian connection towards Trump.

Do you feel that Hillary should be prosecuted?


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