POLL: Could You Ever Trust Someone Wearing a Burka? -

POLL: Could You Ever Trust Someone Wearing a Burka?

Look Who Just BANNED The Burka…This MUST Spread Everywhere!

If not for the bravery of French heroes like Charles Martell, Muslims might be occupying in totality Europe today. The historical narrative of Muhammed and his invasion plans is well recorded in the history books. Jihadism mentality was what drove this demented founder of Islam to to seek the destruction of Christendom.

However Martell and others like him in Spain and Portugal broke the ranks of the Muslim invaders. These same warriors that had clashed through Africa and the areas around the Mediterranean, met their water-loo in the southern part of Europe. Many believe that divine interference halted that centuries old attempt by nutsy Muhammed.

Today’s lessons from history

Today the tension between Christians and Muslims is just as real and explosive. Where Christianity seeks a peaceful and loving approach to Islam, the same cannot be said about Muslims. Wherever Muslims immigrate to, they bring their culture and strive to shove it down the throats of who are around them.

However, because of the attitudes of Muslims in many countries they have settled in, some places are starting to establish rules for these new citizens. And Muslims hate it.

For instance in Morocco, the “burka” is being banned as part of the dress of Islam women. The Burka offers to many opportunities for security issues, besides it being statement of keeping Islam females under the Sharia thumb.


No one will be allowed to wear the full-body covering that is traditional Islamic garb. The ban is a response to the growing threat that Islamic fighters and radicals hid in the burka after criminal activity. It’s funny liberal women don’t wear the Burka more…they are used to hiding their character.

The burka allows for the concealment of guns and other weapons that can be used in a public venue. The safety issue alone should make the ban worthwhile.

The Moroccan Ministry announced:

‘We have taken the step of completely banning the import, manufacture and marketing of this garment in all the cities and towns of the kingdom.”

Morocco still allows Muslim women women to wear lesser forms of Sharia wear like a headscarf.

The new ban includes shops ending the sales of burkas and liquidating any inventory they currently possess.

Morocco is to be congratulated for this step towards protecting its own country.

Do you think this ban on burkas is a good thing? Should it go further?


H/T: usherald

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