COUNTER OFFENSIVE: The Supreme Court Just Boosted American Security Massively -

COUNTER OFFENSIVE: The Supreme Court Just Boosted American Security Massively

When President Trump declared he was going to create a travel ban in his election bid, Americans rallied behind his agenda. He sought to secure this nation from those that would seek asylum from nations with a history of terrorism. All he wanted was to allow for proper vetting to occur.

The purpose of his ban was to prevent terrorists and criminals from entering into the U.S. Predictably, liberals had a meltdown. They called Trump everything from uncaring to a “monster.” On the contrary, Obama was the evil one in this whole escapade as he opened the floodgates and let in millions of improperly vetted high risk refugees. He would put citizens in harm’s way.

Since liberals don’t care about American culture and sovereignty, they immediately set out to undermine our commander in chief’s executive order.  So libs started using lower courts to stop Trump’s travel ban. He faced activist judges that began saying “no” to his agenda. But that was changed recently by the High Court.

The U.S. Supreme Court just declared that Trump can enforce his ban on refugees.  ABCNews reports that the Court also allowed for a smaller ban about grandparent travel.

SCOTUS put a stop to liberals attempting to derail Trump’s plans.  Previously, a lower court judge ordered that the government should continue to allow refugees working in a resettlement plan to carry on.
A sitting president has every right to do what is necessary to protect our shores and her people. Trump has the backbone to say that what is happening in Europe is not headed to America.
Leftists want to allow as many people into this country unchecked as possible. To them it makes them seem tolerant. True tolerance comes from defending a nation from those that would subvert her freedoms.
“This ruling jeopardizes the safety of thousands of people across the world including vulnerable families fleeing war and violence,” said Naureen Shah of Amnesty International.
No Ms. Shah this ruling states that America will work first for its people and to maintain security and freedom.


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