Muslims OUTRAGED: First Nation to BAN Islam Does THIS To Mosques -

Muslims OUTRAGED: First Nation to BAN Islam Does THIS To Mosques

There is something EXTREMELY dangerous incubating inside our communities… I cannot simply remain silent on this any longer.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the party and movement that Obama so repulsively revered, is undoubtedly an incubator for homegrown terror in the US.

Here is the problem put simply: An Islamist is a radical Muslim is a “moderate” Muslim – they are all the same – and just because parties like the Muslim Brotherhood preach non-violence doesn’t mean they’r peaceful at all, because talk is cheap, and while they sell garbage as gold to the naïve liberals of our societies, they are polluting the minds of the next generation of violent Jihadists.

This is nothing new, unfortunately. We have seen the number of terror attacks committed by violent radical Jihadists increase consistently under Obama, reaching a fever pitch, and to top it off, countries are taking in more undocumented Muslim refugees than ever. This is madness.

The good new is, Muslims are super mad right now. Angola is taking the radical step of outlawing Islam. As a result,there are about 80 mosques in Angola that are about to be destroyed.

This is a direct result of the severe threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism.  This country is taking the necessary but difficult steps to contain  the violence, crime, and rape that all too often accompany large populations of Muslims.  Other nations should carefully consider similar steps before it’s too late.  We need an urgent discussion to answer this question:  can Islam exist peacefully under the Constitution of the United States?

 There are many reasons to doubt that and come to the same conclusion as the Angolan leadership.


The African nation of Angola has become the first country in the world to entirely ban Islam. Angolan Minister of Culture Rosa Cruz e Silva stated that Islam is “contradictory to the customs of Angola culture,” and so it cannot exist in the Christian nation.

“The process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human rights,” Silva told reporters. “Their mosques would be closed until further notice.” All of the more than 80 mosques in Angola are set to be destroyed.

Angolan President Jose Eduardo dos Santos called the move “the final end of Islamic influence in our country.” The Angolan government has fully backed the decision, saying that Islam is not a religion, but a sect.

This is a hard decision  because most  Muslims don’t commit acts of terror or crime.  However, it appears the peaceful majority is irrelevant when it comes to the jihadists.

Let’s all learn a lesson from the small nation of Angola, a Christian nation that has learned the hard way that there is only one way to deal with these savages.

It’s the inability to identify and pinpoint the roles of nonviolent jihadists that causes the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to fail in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

It is said that if the radical terrorists are the snakes, the so-called moderates are the grass they hide in.

There is no way we can just turn the blind eye to what has been going on in the US and around the world. Other nations are bending over backwards to appease people who want nothing but to destroy them. Why?

Everyone will lose in the end if this goes on. This CANNOT go on.

We need to wake up and expose these snakes for who they really are.

Enough is enough.

Share and comment below if you agree Islam has no place in America or any of the West, and that it is of their own doing. They only have themselves to blame.

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