Trump Just GAVE THE ORDER: No More Of Obama’s Transgender Bathrooms! -

Trump Just GAVE THE ORDER: No More Of Obama’s Transgender Bathrooms!

President Trump, thank you, and rest assured that the vast majority of us consider this a huge step forward.

The truth here is, there are two biological genders that exist. They are male and female.

This was never an issue until Obama made it an issue in order to distract the public from the real evil going on in the White House at the time.

Thank GOD President Trump is beginning to put an end to this transgender bathroom law madness.

For starters, the transgender population is too small for an accommodation like this. They are not handicapped (physically, at least), and there are already accommodations for people who need them in that regard.

Lack of certain special bathroom accommodations for transgender individuals doesn’t at all ”prevent” them from using the bathroom. They are still either male or female, regardless of what their personal fantasy tells them.

According to USA politics today:

 Had state-funded schools, colleges and universities not complied with the directive, it could put public institutions at risk of losing federal funding.

As a result, U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor temporarily blocked the Obama directive nationwide in August. In his ruling, O’Connor said Title IX “is not ambiguous” about sex being defined as “the biological and anatomical differences between male and female students as determined at their birth.”


Men who are born men (all men) can’t biologically become women despite what the out-of-touch left will say, and vice versa. Period.

Forty years ago these people would have been classified as severely mentally ill, and only twenty years ago they were considered confused cross-dressers.

We have gotten to a point where evil is now good and accepted in society, good is now evil, illegal is legal, moral is immoral, common sense and logic are considered flaws, character and integrity are no longer fashionable, and lying, cheating and stealing are the commendable characteristics of citizens. It is despicable and needs to stop.

President Trump realizes this, and is in the process of doing whatever he can to fix the situation.

Godspeed, President Trump! We support you.

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(h/t) The Blaze

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