Obama's Tax Audit Shows MILLIONS Are In Offshore Accounts - STOLEN From Taxpayers -

Obama’s Tax Audit Shows MILLIONS Are In Offshore Accounts – STOLEN From Taxpayers

If this is not glaring proof that Barack Hussein Obama needs to be investigated by the Department of Justice immediately, I don’t know what is.

These people seriously think that they are above the law, and that they will never get caught. Obama thought he could outsmart the American people.


The truth, however you look at things, is that Barack Hussein Obama has stolen untold amounts of money from our country and its people.

What is totally unfathomable is how all of these politicians can just steal hundreds of millions, and even billions, of dollars from American taxpayers, and there is no accountability whatsoever.

I truly hope the administration of President Trump sets the record straight and opens a sweeping investigation into Obama and his mafia thugs.

According to FFS:

In what may turn out to be one of the most “legacy damaging” stories of the last decade, it seems that “Royalty Payments for Obamacare” to the sum of $411 million has been paid by the US Treasury to three offshore (tax-haven) accounts under the name of Barry Soetoro, LCC.

The payments were made under the Obamacare Bill from 2010, to cover the expenses and royalties associated with naming the bill. These payment were officially stopped as the bill was renamed the Affordable Care Act.

Let’s check out the salient points:
  • Payments were made for the naming of and royalties associated with Obamacare.
  • These payments were to a company registered as Barry Soetoro, LCC.
  • Barack Obama has denied many times that Barry Soetoro is an alias he uses.
  • Someone, behind the naming of Obama care is clearly called  Barry Soetoro.
  • The payments were made into three accounts spread across the Caymen Islands, Ireland and Caledonia.
  • The payments came from the US Treasury.

So who is this Barry Soetoro? It is clearly someone of influence (they did after all name the Obamacare bill), and they haven’t paid taxes on the money in the US. That’s almost $170 million in unpaid taxes. We need answers to this.

So many questions. So many scandals. So much corruption.

That should have been the true slogan of the Obama campaign, and subsequent partial destruction of our nation at the hands of this radical leftist.

Where is Congress on this?

Oh, wait. They are too busy obstructing the president’s productive agenda and focusing on making sure President Trump does not succeed at all costs.

How did the loot get transferred? Who approved the transfer?

Surely it takes the approval of several people when it comes to this much money?

Somebody who is actually in government to govern needs to get our money returned, and as soon as possible!

Enough is enough!

The Democratic party no longer represents the Americans who elect them. That party died with the assassination of JFK.

They no longer stand for the principles their party was built upon, although said “principles” were questionable at best, even back then. Their corruption has become rampant and transparent for all to see and see clearly.

When the left almost unanimously moved to endorse “Sharia Law” the pedophiles within the Democratic party immediately revealed themselves!

The majority of Democrats are jumping party lines in droves.

The corrupt obstructionist RINOs, liberal idiots, and “liberal educated idiots” in America’s government, academia and abroad, along with their ignominious supporters, are collectively like a hamster on its wheel running in circles on their “liberal feedback loop” of “lies and disinformation.” They all speak in one unanimous voice, because they are all fed Soros money and talking points from the top.

While many are frustrated with the Republican party not “coming together,” at least they disagree and debate, and are not sheep in an echo chamber. That is what is damaging to democracy, and the left is all singing the same obstructionist, bought-out tune.

The lefties couldn’t get a fact straight, or even identify one, if their lives depended on it.

Their identity politics reveal them to be nothing but unintelligent liars, incapable of research and only capable of smear tactics.

They are completely indoctrinated, not educated, but brainwashed by an academic system and a News Media who represent the biggest threats to Americans and their liberties within their own country.

On the flip-side, President Trump has done more good for our country in the past six months than Obama was capable of in eight whole years.

The truth is that the vast majority of (legal) Americans completely support our President, and don’t give a lick what the liberals think.

With the massive invasion of radical Islamic refugees comes all the barbaric practices their religion and laws have to offer the West. Whether it’s child marriage, rape, persecution, or slaughter, the devout worshipers aren’t about to leave the examples their pedophile sorry excuse for a prophet modeled for them in order to follow un-Islamic Western laws.

President Trump knows whats going on here in our country and in Europe and is trying hard to stop it. Give him your support!

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H/T: Freedom’s Final Stand

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