JUST IN: Senate NULLIFIES Obama Scheme That Symbolized His Whole Presidency -

JUST IN: Senate NULLIFIES Obama Scheme That Symbolized His Whole Presidency

Sanity continues to make a comeback under President Trump.  Reversing an outrageous Obama scheme to fund drug addicts, the Senate just cut off funds paid out through unemployment benefits.  This is just common sense as anyone addicted to drugs will always use available funds to feed their habit.

According to Western Journalism:

The Senate on Tuesday dealt the final legislative blow to an Obama-era regulation that limited drug testing for individuals seeking unemployment benefits.

The measure, which used the Congressional Review Act’s powers to undo the regulation approved last summer, passed along party lines 51-48. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the legislation, which cleared the House last month.

A 2012 law had said states could only give individuals drug tests when they sought unemployment benefits if they were previously fired for drug use or worked in jobs where drug testing was common.


Obama and Democrats buy the votes of the poor by promising them a Utopian outcome filled with security, welfare, entitlements and handouts, but the uneducated fail to see that this will just keep the poor and underprivileged in the exact same, or worse, conditions while ensuring the political success of the corrupt elites.

The left is the “see you in 4 years” party, promising everything but delivering virtually nothing to their voters. Where has Detroit gone in the last 60 years under a continuous Democratic rule? Backwards.

How about Chicago? Baltimore? The entire state of California? New York under Bill DiBlasio as opposed to Rudy Giulliani?

Results speak for themselves. The Japanese city of Hiroshima was devastated and virtually wiped off of the map by the Atomic bomb attacks towards the end of World War II. Now, the city is a thriving capitalist production superpower once again. Detroit was an amazing city in the 40s and 50s, but now looks like it was hit with an Atomic bomb.

Moral of the story? It is easier to come back from a nuclear-scale attack than from over half a century of Democratic rule. And it’s not helping druggies or taxpayers to look the other way either.

This, in summary, is how President Trump rose from under the hell of the Obama regime, and was able to be so effective with his “Drain the Swamp” message. He basically said that enough is enough, and it is time to give the American people real results.


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