HISTORIC Achievement for Trey Gowdy -

HISTORIC Achievement for Trey Gowdy


Congressman Trey Gowdy is a men among boys, a doer and not a talker, a model Congressman to say the least. He sets an example for everyone else to follow. Among his many significant achievements he now adds a truly historic bill.  For the first time in many decades, the house has started rolling back the erosion of it’s Constitutional powers.


 According to the Palmetto Business Daily, Trey said of the historic day:

“The House Judiciary Committee’s passage of a bill to stop an Obama-era slush fund policy is nothing less than Congress taking back its constitutional powers lost over the last eight years,

“The Executive Branch should never be allowed to circumvent Congress to reward groups simply because they share an agenda with the current administration.”

 “There is a reason the Constitution specifically grants Congress the power to appropriate.” And with that, a thousand liberal cried. Because what most people don’t know is Obama was using the slush funds Trey shut down to organize against Trump and run candidates in local races.


Congressman Gowdy has been doing exactly what needs to be done to drain the DC swamp and rid us, the American people, of the corruption that has been running rampant in Washington.

As we all know all too well, Barack Hussein Obama ran one of the most crooked and corrupt administrations in the history of our nation. His sinister and at times outright anti-American policies did more to undermine and harm America and its people than any other leader. Rather than put out the flame of racial division, he stoked it, and rather than stand behind law enforcement, he attacked them.

He drove our economy off a cliff, overlooked the needs of our military, and spearheaded the effort to open our borders for the influx of illegal criminals and cancer into our societies.

Thank God for the few good men in politics, one of whom is Congressman Trey Gowdy, who is doing everything in his power to steady the ship and stop the chaos and terror inflicted by the previous administration’s irresponsible policies.

This is wonderful news for American citizens, and should be a sign of the times: America WILL be great again, and we are back!

What do you think of these developments, and where the country is headed? Share this EVERYWHERE, and drop us a comment with your thoughts!

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