Germans Have Had Enough From Radical Muslim Migrants – 2 Bombs Just BLEW UP A Mosque -

Germans Have Had Enough From Radical Muslim Migrants – 2 Bombs Just BLEW UP A Mosque

Germans just committed an act of terrorism against some of the Muslim immigrant community.  Someone threw 2 bombs at a local mosque causing significant damage.  There appears to be a growing backlash against refugees, especially the young single men who have been targeting German women with sexual harassment.

Wow, we couldn’t see that coming!  Even in the sissified European men there still lies a deeply hidden desire to protect women.  Muslim rape gangs are a sure fire way to raise some primal urges in the Germans.  The German authorities are going to have a civil war on their hands if they don’t change course and halt this invasion.  No country will long tolerate the kind of change that the refugees have brought.

From Legal Insurrection – Since the migrant crisis began last year, Germany has been struck by a wave of violence, crime and terror. German media, cheerleading the latest wave of mass-migrant right from the beginning, had been keen to suppress reports on violent crimes committed by migrants or foreigners. The lid, however, blew off when migrant gangs were sexually assaulted more than a thousand women on New Year’s Eve at Cologne central station — mostly comprising of men of Arab and North African origin. 


While all civilized people deplore such crimes of retribution, it’s important to place the blame squarely where it belongs – the politicians who make policies that will never affect them personally.  It’s always the common man who pays the price for the ridiculous schemes dreamed up by the rulers.  Sometimes the rulers go too far and then trouble begins.  The Germans have a violent warlike history.  Those roots may be returning to the surface now that Merkel and the other German politicians have welcomed virtually unlimited immigration.
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