First Domino Falls: Comey Co-Conspirator McCabe CRUMBLES Under Gowdy's Pressure -

First Domino Falls: Comey Co-Conspirator McCabe CRUMBLES Under Gowdy’s Pressure

Details are still sketchy, but it appears as if we just saw the first domino fall in the conspiracy to stage a coup against President Trump.

Deputy Director McCabe has either been forced to step down or else did so of his own will under intese pressure from Trey Gowdy and the Republicans.

Deputy Director McCabe is at the center of the operation to create an “insurance policy.” In the unlikely event that Trump overcame  the effort that Obama was orchestrating against his campaign, they were setting up an intricate web to get him impeached.  The Mueller probe is quite obviously attempting to do just that.  Mueller’s part in this conspiracy just got a lot more difficult.

McCabe knows that Trump and the Republicans are on to him.  He is dirty in so many ways.  From holding secret society meetings in his office to facilitating illegal spying to subverting the Hillary e-mail investigation, his fingerprints are everywhere.  Watch this concise summary of where we stand from Tucker Carlson:

McCabe is a smart guy.  He knew what he was doing.  He also knew it would be easy to catch him if the deep state players were not all supporting each other.  The key to the whole thing is that it was essential that Hilary be elected.  Only then would these crimes be hidden until the Judgement Day.  That was a miscalculation that is turning the dreams of many into nightmares.  The spiders have been caught in their own webs.  Hard not to see the hand of God in this reckoning.  Pray for President Trump and God’s continued protection for him.

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