FIRE AND BRIMSTONE: Trump Terrifies Republican Senators With ULTIMATE THREAT! -

FIRE AND BRIMSTONE: Trump Terrifies Republican Senators With ULTIMATE THREAT!

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Obamacare has never been a popular health mandate in America. When Congress passed it in 2009, the country knew it was in for one big mess.

Death panels, high costs for lower and middle class, no choice of personal physicians. All of these and more established Obamacare for what it was.

Conservatives for years said they would seek its repeal. Some did not want to get into the healthcare business. Let it go private…as in reality it should.

But anyway, Conservatives stated all along that they would fight to remove the fiasco of Obamacare and put in something better.

Now the Legislature is facing a firestorm from many directions about its lack of moving things along…like their promise. They are at a standstill about whether to simply repeal Obamacare and replace it later or get a working healthcare in place that is good for Americans.

Now President Trump is weighing in a gathering of himself and a few prominent Republican Senators, Trump unleashed his “thoughts” about the GOP snail’s pace. His lunch was a time for him to tell these people to get off their butts and get something accomplished.

He basically told them they needed to stay in DC and get healthcare resolved before heading home in August. No mincing words about it.

To make his point stronger, he placed Senator Dean Heller next to him at the luncheon. This pro-Obamacare Senator was Trump’s point of focus as he called Heller out as no friend to the GOP if he didn’t back a change.

Trump was adamant that healthcare had to be put together.

Libs love seeing this dissension.

Time the Senators do their job and make liberals stop smiling.


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