EPIC SMACKDOWN By Lou Dobbs! “Most Corrupt in History”- Obama just hit the FAINTING COUCH. -

EPIC SMACKDOWN By Lou Dobbs! “Most Corrupt in History”- Obama just hit the FAINTING COUCH.

The Attorney General of the United States should have some of the cleanest hands around D.C. As the highest law enforcement officer in the land, one expects this person to be honest and above reproach. During Obama’s eight years in office, both of his selected AG’s demonstrated the opposite of integrity.

Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch demonstrated the lengths they would go to in violating their oath of office. To that end, one of the most credible voices in American journalism agrees with that assessment. Lou Dobbs recently came out and castigated Obama’s DOJ as corrupt beyond compare.

His own words display that perspective best as seen in the video below.


A few thoughts now on what is inarguably the most politically corrupt department in the History of the American government. I’m speaking of course of the Obama Justice Department, led by two attorneys general Eric holder, who ultimately became the first saving cabinet officer ever to be cited for contempt of Congress, and his successor who is working on matching his record, Loretta Lynch, who according to the fired director of the FBI obstructed justice and ordering James Comey to refer to the Clinton email investigation as a matter, rather than an investigation for the purpose of the Clinton campaign to deny the Democratic nominee was under federal investigation.

Dobbs continues to relate how the actions of AG Lynch allowed the meeting that liberals are using to attack Donald Trump Jr. His meeting with the Russian lawyer was in his mind above board and simply to hear what she had to say about Hillary Clinton.

For interest’s sake, Donald Jr. did not use any of the information given him and left the meeting. What is worth noting according to Dobbs is that Lynch invited the Russian attorney into the U.S. with no visa. That is where the scandal is…a member of the government breaking American entrance rules. An AG no less.

Then the Russian stays here five months beyond her waiver. No one in the general public could pull that off. Seems the AG played favorites in an attempt to create a scandal against our President.

There is more to the story in regards to Lynch and Hillary Clinton. Partisan politics appears to be the main venue as Lynch attempted to deceive the American people.

Dobbs is right. Obama’s DOJ was the most corrupt in memory and there should be a real investigation by the current DOJ.

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