CAUGHT IN THEIR OWN WEBS: Obama Unmasking Probe Just Blew WIDE OPEN! -

CAUGHT IN THEIR OWN WEBS: Obama Unmasking Probe Just Blew WIDE OPEN!


Misery loves company. In this case, that misery is named Susan Rice. The former Obama security advisor is feeling the heat again by the House Committee.

Rice has already testified before the House Intel Committee about her involvement in the unmasking and the illegal surveillance of Trump and his campaign team. These new hearings are bringing in the big dogs from the FBI, NSA and the CIA. They will be questioned under oath regarding what they know about Rice’s unmasking activities. The committee will also examine the records of former US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power.

This new probe is liable to open up new identities of people loyal to Obama that were involved in the surveillance actions. This means that we get closer to unmasking the real mover behind these events….the former president.

A source told Fox News that the House Committee hearings are only the beginning in a potentially growing case. Some “unmasking” requests may deserve “more explanation” according to the source, Catherine Herridge, who is a highly respected and prolific intelligence correspondent.  What that really means is that there are more questions than answers at this time.

What is interesting is that Rice recently recused herself from the latest subpoena. She no longer has that option. Obama can’t protect her now.

Rice tried to play the innocent game early on by acting as if she knew nothing. Unfortunately for her, there are a few staunch Republicans that are refusing to let her off. For anyone with eyes to see, this woman was deeply involved in these illegal activities. She bet her freedom that Hillary would be elected and make all this go away. She bet wrong.

Here is Herridge’s video about her information.

Time to put these fact finding committee meetings behind us and get the prosecution started. Rice and others are complicit and they need to face their day in court.

Make this go viral to get the message out.


(h/t Fox News)

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