Aussie Senator Is Demanding A Complete Ban On Muslim Mosques, Migration And Burkas -

Aussie Senator Is Demanding A Complete Ban On Muslim Mosques, Migration And Burkas

At least one Australian senator has woken up and smelled the radical Islamic terrorism.


We MUST pay much closer attention to so called “peaceful” Muslims. I always say that if the known violent radical Islamic terrorists are the snakes, the so-called moderate Muslims are the grass they hide in.

Pauline Hanson, leader of the One Nation party, used her maiden speech in the Australian Senate to claim Islam has a “hyper-masculine culture” that is incompatible with Australian society, and that migrants who had already arrived and not “assimilated” should “go back from where you came from.”

“If it would be of any help, I’ll take you to the airport and wave you goodbye with sincere best wishes,” she added.

In a speech that provoked Green senators to walk out, Ms Hanson also claimed there was no way of distinguishing between “good” and “bad” Muslims.

“Our leaders continue to tell us to be tolerant and to embrace the good Muslims,” she said.

“But how should we tell the difference? There is no sign saying ‘good Muslim’ or ‘bad Muslim’. How many lives will be lost or destroyed trying to determine who is good and who is bad?”



Pauline Hanson is a former member of the centre-right Liberal Party who founded One Nation as an anti-establishment group to pursue her old party from the right.

In 2003 she was imprisoned after being convicted of fraud, but was released after 11 weeks when her conviction was overturned on appeal.

The party achieved its best ever results in this year’s elections, with four members elected to the Federal Senate. The sudden rise in popularity was seen as a rebuke to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who ousted conservative Tony Abbott in an internal party coup last year.

The Australian Herald Sun wrote after her speech yesterday:

“When Hanson gave her maiden speech in the House of Representatives 20 years and four days ago, Liberals boycotted it. This time they do not dare. Hanson is too powerful, with her four Senate votes and huge popularity – not to mention her scars.

“Turnbull’s nightmare has a new chapter. How can he repudiate what she says, other than to say it is not wise to say what in many respects is either the truth or the sentiment of so many Australians, most of them too scared until now to say so?

Steve Emerson, the Executive Director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, stressed that the data undoubtedly proves the notion that nonviolent Islamist organizations definitely “serve as potential incubators for radicalization and violence.”

The brainwashed Muslim group members move on to participate in vicious agitation, inspiring others to perform terrorist attacks, Emerson reported.

It’s the inability to identify and pinpoint the roles of nonviolent jihadists that causes the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to fail in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism.

We must cut the crap and wake up to expose these snakes for who they really are.

The big problem, however, is that the snowflake generation will squeal “racism” and refuse to read anything that differs from what CNN feeds them.

Hopefully the latest fallout form the Russia investigation nothing-burgers will help.

Democrats have succeeded in totally changing the leftists’ interpretation of open conversation. As long as you preach leftist, pro Islamic content it’s acceptable. Anything else is shouted down or rejected and ridiculed.

To top it all off, the lying liberal mainstream media see themselves as the overlords of our society, and they attempt to instruct people whom to vote for, how to think etc. Western civilization is in a very bad place right now, what the snowflakes do not grasp is that they are following the pied piper over the cliff of their own demise, willingly and enthusiastically.

Enough is enough.
Via: Breitbart 

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