Watch This Racist Video As Gigi Hadid Mocks Melania Trump -

Watch This Racist Video As Gigi Hadid Mocks Melania Trump

Petulant, childish, racist, disrespectful… Gigi Hadid just proved that beauty doesn’t go all the way through. You can still have a black, hateful heart and spirit. For the American Music Awards, she did a truly atrocious impression of Melania Trump. The guy with her claimed it was spot on as she made fun of the First Lady… no, it wasn’t. It sucked and was not humorous whatsoever. There will be millions of Americans now that will never tune into the American Music Awards again because of this disgraceful display of hate for an incoming First Lady and her family.

I think it is appropriate to say that if she hates the First Family this much, she should just leave the country. If she can’t stand it here so much that she vomits it all over an award ceremony publicly, well then… don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Hadid is in love with herself and thought this would bring attention to her appearance. It did, but not the kind you should ever seek.


From the Daily Mail:

Gigi Hadid has been savaged on social media over her ‘racist’ impression of Melania Trump during her American Music Awards opening set on Sunday.

The model, 21, put on a fake Eastern European accent and a pulled Melania-style pout to mock the soon-to-be First Lady in the wake of her recent plagiarism row.

‘I love my husband, President Barack Obama. And our children Sasha and Malia,’ Gigi said, in a joke referring to accusations that Donald Trump’s wife had ripped off a speech by Michelle Obama at the RNC.

These people are hatemongers and they are the scum of the earth despite their good looks, talent and wealth. If someone did this to Michelle Obama and her family, they would scream bloody murder and death threats would ensue. But it seems to be perfectly acceptable if it is a Republican. What happened to spouses and children being off-limits in politics? It would seem that is a one-sided policy.

Hadid is the daughter of Mohamed Hadid, 67, a multi-millionaire who lives with wife Shiva Safai in an incredible, 48,000-square-foot Bel Air mansion, luxuriously named Le Belvédère. Gee, I’m shocked… he’s a wealthy Muslim who hates Trump for his policies. Go figure. Mohamed knows a thing or two about luxury. He designed Ritz-Carlton hotels and has developed other high-end properties including resorts and mansions ever since. It doesn’t get much more elitist than that either.

This is going to go on for four years. The insults, the mocking, the disrespect… and you know what will happen in 2020? These elitist asshats will get spanked once again in the election, probably even more so than this one. By insulting the First Lady and the President-elect like this, they insult mainstream America. And Americans are fed up with it. The so-called humor and bias is all on one side – it’s totally biased. You see it slipping into every show you watch now and it is going to backfire on these idiots big time.


Via: Right Wing News

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