VOTE: Is Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Doing a Great Job So Far? -

VOTE: Is Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch Doing a Great Job So Far?


There is a reason Supreme Court Justices exist. It is not to give favor to legal underlings by allowing them to determine important cases to be reviewed.

Liberals love that mindset because it gives them incredible power. Considering many “legal eagles” coming out of universities are leftist in their thinking? Why do we want them to make the decision as to what pending litigation should be brought before the Supreme Court?

And to really create panic amongst these neophytes wannabe lawyers, Justice Neil Gorsuch stepped on their toes.

Not joining

The new member of the Highest Court in the land is setting the judicial office aflame by his actions.

He refuses to join the SCOTUS “cert pool.” This is a pool established in the early 1970’s. These folks look over an average of 8,000 petitions who in turn advise the 9 on the bench if they are worthy of being reviewed. The problem is these “lawyers” decide for the Justices what will be seen.

Gorsuch says no it is the Court’s responsibility to look at them for consideration. Otherwise very valid petitions can be rubber stamped as “no go” and never reach the Court.

This new Justice is making clear he will not allow others to determine what he sees. The other Justices should be taking note if they have not already.

Americans expect the process to work the way the Founder’s meant for the judiciary to operate.

The Constitution will play in greatly with Gorsuch as it did for his predecessor Antonin Scalia. There is hope for the Court. Especially considering President Trump has opportunities ahead to for conservatives justices.

Thank you Mr. Gorsuch for being a man of principle and not following the herd.

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