VOTE NOW: Should Straight 'A' Socialist Students Be Forced to Share Their Grade point Average with C and D Students? -

VOTE NOW: Should Straight ‘A’ Socialist Students Be Forced to Share Their Grade point Average with C and D Students?

Undercover Experiment: Socialist Students Who want Forced Redistribution stop short when Offered a chance to Share  their Gradepoint Average with lower achieving students. [VIDEO]

The video says a lot about how young people think in college. The sad thing is many in liberal arts see truth for one thing but cannot correlate it to another venue. A principle should work in all facets of life otherwise it is not a principle but a preference.

What are we talking about? The video put out by Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) makes it pretty clear that socialism is as corrupting as it is influential.

The YAF chapter at Davidson College in North Carolina produced a video posing as “Students for Educational Equality.” They set out to prove that liberal thought is nothing but hypocrisy when put to practice.

They went around to have fellow students sign a petition that those who were in the top 10 percent of their GPA’s would lose some points to those in the lowest ten percent. Hey, if you are a liberal that should sound fair right? A higher center for learning must believe in equality in all facets of life?

However, these students that were presented with the question deigned to sign. WHY? Don’t they believe that those that suffer should benefit from those that work hard and earn their grades? Admirably most felt that people tat earned their grades should keep them. Maybe there is hope. Watch the video and make your own assessment.

As you noticed, of those that did sign, there was a professor! So the faculty, well a portion of the faculty, believes that hard working students should willingly have their work benefit someone else. That is a true liberal.

As stated before, “Maybe there is hope.” Nahh! When the students were made aware that the petition and video was a trap for them, they went ballistic. On Facebook some students did a teach-in to vent their responses about the “trickery” of the petition. Students that have a love-affair with socialism hate being told they are hypocrites.

Too bad!

The YAF held a contest with all of its chapters to highlight the higher grade redistribution idea. They wanted to get the student’s reactions.

“The hypocrisy is obvious. Liberals embrace socialist policies when their own property is unaffected, but when socialism affects them personally, watch them become advocates of free enterprise instantaneously,” the foundation said on its website when the competition was announced.

The Davidson chapter of YAF won the competition.  Their petition approach was mastery and spotlighted the indoctrination that college students face that won’t think for themselves.

Do you feel that college students really know what they believe?

Sources: The College Fix

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