VOTE: Should Civil War Reenactors QUIT or KEEP GOING if Politicians Try to Force Them Out? -

VOTE: Should Civil War Reenactors QUIT or KEEP GOING if Politicians Try to Force Them Out?

Assault on History: Civil War Museum SHUTS DOWN After Leftist Rep Insists On Removal of Confederate Artifacts

This is truly outrageous, folks.

I have a question: If we are removing confederate monuments because of the Civil War, then, by the same logic, why do we still allow mosques after 9/11?

Just curious. Can’t we just learn from history, however we feel about it, and not try to erase it? That never ends well.

In the latest case of assault on our nation’s history, the Nash Farm Battlefield Museum in Hampton, Georgia has reportedly ceased operations after a local Democratic politician demanded the removal of its Confederate flags.

County spokeswoman Melissa Robinson insisted Commissioner Dee Clemmons merely “requested,” on a personal level, the Confederate flags be removed.

Tim Knight, who works for the nonprofit that runs the museum, begged to differ, stating Clemmons first “demanded” the removal of Confederate flags outside the establishment, then returned and demanded the removal of all Confederate artifacts on and inside the property.


According The Henry Herald, Clemmons was elected Commissioner in 2016. (Image via The Henry Herald)

According to Breitbart, the nonprofit “insisted that it could not properly relay the history of the 1864 battle without its Confederate artifacts and displays.”

As a result, it shut the museum down entirely.

An example of a Confederate artifact in the museum (Image via WFMY)

Robinson, however, reportedly said there was nothing unreasonable about the Commissioner’s request.

“I think it’s reasonable,” she reportedly said. “I think there were plenty of artifacts in the museum that can tell the story of the Civil War.”

“I understand some people find the imaging of [the Confederacy] offensive,” said Stuart Carter, a resident and supporter of the museum, according to WFMY.

“But if we try and erase it from history, then we can’t remember how we messed up and why we shouldn’t go back there again,” he reportedly continued, stating, “Nash Farms has always represented both sides of the conflict.”

See this report below on the museum’s closure.


Whether people agree with something or not, the foundation of democracy is to encourage debate. Echo chambers are the enemy of democracy, and lead to dictatorships. It is sad that we are allowing for the destruction of things by the leftists and the ignorant, simply because there is a disagreement or disliking of them.

There is never enough to make the left happy. They are bullies because they can get away with it.

Enough is enough.

When it comes to liberals, they severely lack logic and rarely use their brains when they claim they have knowledge. If anything, they use their feelings and political correctness as allies.

Newsflash, snowflakes: History is already being altered, if you are thinking of demanding remove Confederate monuments because they represent slavery. The Civil War started over economics. You are all being misled by people who want you to stay ignorant. Good job, but no thanks, not for me.

I guess we must erase history or we are doomed to learn from it. Sad. I hope this wave of nonsense ends as soon as possible, one way or another.

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