VOTE: Should Anderson Cooper Go to Prison Along With NSA Leaker? -

VOTE: Should Anderson Cooper Go to Prison Along With NSA Leaker?

UNMASKED: CNN’s Anderson Cooper Linked To Arrested NSA Leaker

This is absolutely outrageous, folks.

How fast can a story develop?

According to Truth Division:

The leakers are beginning to be purged — and the first one had some strange and questionable ties.

 25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, a federal contractor, was arrested over the weekend and is facing charges that she removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet.

According to her social profiles, she’s a big fan of Michael Moore, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher. In addition to those liberal giants, she had somewhat of a personal relationship with CNN’s Anderson Cooper — she said “coworker” — who wrote sent a framed photograph of himself along with a note and autograph.

“Reality, thank you for your service! Love, Anderson Cooper.”

Take a look:


She’s been arrested and charges are pending.

Well, after 6 months of desperate search by the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, and numerous investigations providing no information regarding Russian “collusion” with the Trump team, we suddenly have a “Winner” who “conveniently” admits to leaking of such pertinent info as the Dems have been needing to make their case for “collusion”. C

all me an “unbeliever” in this little scheme, but it’s like a bad script where somebody “takes the rap” to keep the real bad guy from being caught. The “patsy” in this case possibly having been confirmed that the best lawyer money can buy will get her time off, or even a suspended sentence with a padded brown envelope in a lock box somewhere in Illinois providing compensation (Soros money) for any embarrassment caused her. She was just too quick to offer her “confession” and the trail was to easy to follow back to (???) that number of other people having no criminal record. Patterson wouldn’t touch this story with a ten-foot pole.

Actually, I think there should be another investigation into why it took so long to find “nothing” and then suddenly have it fall into their laps when it was just about time to call the Democrats bluff on the collusion theme.

Maybe there is a real “wizard” in Oz after all.

Who sponsored her? Who did or did not vet her? Was it in inside job, or is the DNC/Hillary campaign behind it? I doubt she is smart enough to know classified from non classified. She has a mentor!

Another part of my concern is that the fake liberal news outlets used this girl to further their agenda and false news narratives and she was stupid enough to believe their nonsense that she was being a patriot and doing the world a great service like Anderson Cooper. I do not believe she should be exempt from the consequences, quite the contrary, but I do believe that these fake news media liberals should also be on trial for their complicity in her treason.

SHARE this EVERYWHERE if you agree that she needs to be prosecuted!

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