VOTE: Do you agree that being a Democrat is destructive to your moral life? -

VOTE: Do you agree that being a Democrat is destructive to your moral life?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blassio staffer found with child p*rn.

There is no more disgusting a crime then that of child p#rn or abuse.

A Democratic employee to New York City Mayor Bill de Blassio is facing accusations of having child p**** graphy on his computer. No man is without sin, but this rings to the heart of villainy and disgust. The man apparently had thousands of images of young children on his laptop.

If a conservative were in that position, mainstream media would bounce his face over every screen and plastered on every front page. When it comes to one of their own…better start digging for the story.

Now the New York Post, to their credit, identified the person as Jacob Schwartz. He is part of de Blasio’s staff.

This is heart-wrenching for a parent and for Schwartz’s father it is no different. According to his dad, Arthur Schwartz:

“(It is) a personal tragedy.

“He’s already in therapy for this.”

Schwartz (on the right) is pictured above with Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager. The company one keeps can have an affect on character. Look at who Hillary is married to. Bill Clinton, the man with pants around his ankles while the President. Yet, he was never brought to any point of prosecution for all the charges brought on by women accusing him of impropriety.Schwartz has been under under investigation since March. The police have his laptop and pursuing matters accordingly.De Blasio’s office has yet to say anything. Not too surprising when as a leftie one of your own has hurt your image. What can you say? Conservatives tend to follow the law and when one of their own breaks it…they acknowledge the problem.With liberals it is always about smoke and mirrors. Let’s hope others involved in this despicable crime are uncovered and brought to prosecution. Time to protect our most valuable of resources…our children.

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