Muslim Refugees Were Assaulting Women Without Consequence... Then the “Soldiers of Odin” Showed Up -

Muslim Refugees Were Assaulting Women Without Consequence… Then the “Soldiers of Odin” Showed Up

New York subways used to see this type of protection. The legend of the Guardian Angels sprouted up in other US cities. They became a deterrent to those that would harm the innocent.

Now that same form of western readiness is showing in Europe. Here is the reason.

Since the host of asylum seekers have made their way into European communities, there has been a rise in violent crime. The host country citizens are daily being assaulted, robbed and their women raped.

And it goes back to those that fled their own Middle East countries and have settled in Europe. To put it bluntly…the Muslim immigrants and refugees. The people of these host countries are doing what their leaders will not do. They are fighting back with their own resources. Of course, leftists decry this attitude as being Islamophobic. MSM refuses to showcase them as courageous citizens. Instead, they depict the new mindset as being extremist and reactionary.

Well too bad. If you attack their women and the weak, they gladly accept the labels.


Boss: 'Jani', 27, one of three leaders of the Kemi 'division' of the Soldiers of Odin who works in a paper factory by day, says the group does not follow Nazi ideologies but admits there will be a 'war on the streets, and we are ready to fight'

According to Truth Revolt, Finland is doing something about these attacks by a group calling themselves the “Soldiers of Odin.” Referencing an ancient Viking God, these patrols are roaming the city streets to ensure safety among the population.

These are not meek and mild men doing this. These are males willing to do what’s necessary to keep the peace int he streets and their families safe.


Determined: Jari Peltoniemi pictured at the headquarters of the Kemi 'division' of the Soldiers of Odin. The group aims to ‘protect their wives, girlfriends and children’ after a migrant influx to Finland - a liberal Scandinavian country

Liberal news outlets try to make these groups out to be vigilante goons. The Washington Post is one of the worst at painting the “Soldiers of Odin” as an overreaction. According to the Post:

“(A) new far-right citizens group sprouting chapters across Finland. Its members are multiplying as this northern nation becomes a case study in the fear and suspicion gripping Europe after multiple sexual assaults allegedly committed by asylum seekers and others on New Year’s Eve,”

But to the men that make up this patrol organization, they are far from being reactionary. They are doing their job of protecting their families from the hideous attacks of the asylum refugees. That is what a man is called to do.

Vigilantes: The Soldiers of Odin 'division' on patrol in Kemi, western Finland, following reports of sexual harassment by migrants

If the government authorities would do their sworn duties, these patrols would not appear. But when they allow their own citizens to become prey, then someone has to step up to be vigilant and responsive.

Islam is not a faith that sits back and becomes part of the culture. They seek to disrupt and destroy to bring in their own way of life. To many of them violence is simply a part of who they are.

As long as these refugees disrespect the citizens of their new home, then they should expect a pushback…no matter the level of resistance.

Share on Facebook and Twitter what is happening in Finland. The MSM will not spotlight these men of valor as heroes. So you must help them get their message across.




Prepared: The Soldiers of Odin prepare to go on patrol in Joensuu, eastern Finland. The town has a history of skinhead violence and Odins are banned from most bars

Menacing: The group wear matching black jackets showing the Soldiers of Odin logo and the name of the local town while on patrol

H/T: Freedom Daily

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