URGENT POLL: Should Trump CUT OFF Illegals Welfare & Government Assistance? -

URGENT POLL: Should Trump CUT OFF Illegals Welfare & Government Assistance?


This can never be stated enough. If you come to this country you work and become a productive citizen. Welfare is for those that need it…not expect it.

Americans need to get their mind around this concept. That holds doubly true for the next generation of voters.

What is happening

Per Freedoms Final Stand:

One of the key questions that should be on the mind of every potential voter, is whether or not paying welfare and government aid to illegal aliens represents the best interests of the American people. Under the Obama administration, welfare payments to those with no legal right to be in the country was standard practice. But in what way does this benefit US citizens (native or migrant)? And is it perhaps an attempt to undermine the very system that has made America the most powerful nation on Earth?

Taxpayers in southern states are actually funding welfare payments to Mexican nationals who do not even reside in the US, and this is abetted by Mexican government officials. Budgets for State welfare are being squeezed and those truly in need of assistance are suffering because budget money (despite what the Democrats would have you believe) is finite.

At what point did a noble welfare system become a method of funding illegal migrants to subsist in a nation in which they have no legal right to remain? When money is spread thinner, more people suffer. The new government should be making it a priority to look after the poorest in society, but let’s start with the people who actually have a right to assistance first. If not, it should come from the US Foreign Aid budget directly.


How it is being corrected…not political correctness either

How is it Mexicans get special privileges beyond that of our own? In fact, why do they get the benefits meant for the truly needy?
Obama set a course…well continued it but in a fast-track method. He added to the welfare system and started supporting the monies to illegals. Liberals loved this and fought anyone that tried to interfere.
President Trump stepped up and is ending the illegal support system. He has the ability and approval of many to nix illegal immigration.
Political correctness is a disease in this country. Leftists want you think that supporting illegals is compassion. Wrong thinking. It is intolerance to the Americans that do the work and pay taxes.Illegals add nothing to the economy accept higher unemployment and reduced productivity.
Mainstream media pushes back against the progress of conservative thought. However, Trump is holding his ground and keeping his word.
Illegals cannot simply chachacha across the border with impunity. There is a correct way and they do not receive government assistance for their actions. Socialism screams at every turn when a liberal opens their mouth.
Do you feel we owe these law-breaking immigrants any special privileges?



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