Unhinged Model Blames Trump For ‘Crippling Anxiety’...Demands He Pay For Her Botox and Pills -

Unhinged Model Blames Trump For ‘Crippling Anxiety’…Demands He Pay For Her Botox and Pills

If celebrities did not have President Trump to attack, they would have nothing. Didn’t you know? He is to blame for all their ills and issues.

Maybe their lifestyles are the problem. They are so caught-up in themselves they let loose of reality.

Case in point

Chrissy Teigen has the world by the gold ring. This model sees the world and is married to a multi-millionaire. However, according to her tweets she has great anxiety.

And President Trump is to blame. She says the current administration gives her “crippling anxiety.” On Ms. Teigen we are so sorry. It must be terrible being you?

She also expects the president to pay for her meds and Botox. How about this Ms. Got it made in the shade Teigen? You hush-up and let Americans simply ignore your lunacy.

Liberals have so much anxiety in their lives. Self-absorbed as they are, it’s no wonder. Christine is no different. She gives no specifics about Trump…just that is is all his fault. Nothing like clarity.

Life is so hard for this spoiled diva. She simply doesn’t have the right medication in life.


Now she needs a dental visit. Darn that Trump.


Teigen has no concept of where she is. The president has no direct affect on he life, yet he is to blame. The disrespect of people like her is amazing.


Oh we are so glad Christine. We were all concerned that you would melt down into goo.

Christine Teigen is a joke. When someone goes on and laments about how a president is lowering their value of life…they had no life to begin with.

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