UNGRATEFUL Immigrant Pushing To Get Kind American Fired For ‘Discrimination.’ Manager Has GENIUS Response -

UNGRATEFUL Immigrant Pushing To Get Kind American Fired For ‘Discrimination.’ Manager Has GENIUS Response


It is hard to know if Muslims want a sincere understanding of their culture, or if they just want to play the the victim. When someone tries to show a tidbit of compassion or acceptance of Muslims, it gets thrown back in the good Samaritan’s face as being discriminatory.

Such is what happened when a worker at a retail outlet attempted to show customer service concern for a woman that came in wearing a Hijab. The customer, Nadia Alawa was approached by an employee of White House Black Market clothing outlet in Massachusetts. The employee offered to raise the air-conditioning to make it more comfortable for Alawa. Instead of being grateful, Alawa felt victimized by the kind attempt.

So now the ungrateful Muslim customer is demanding the employee be fired and the store cited for “discrimination.” Alawa is one piece of work.

This is nothing but fake indignation on the part of the Muslim community to further drive unrest in the landscape. Alawa’s daughter is an Islamic activist and is pushing her mother’s case forward. Interestingly, the daughter, Laila Alawa has a history of pushing agendas that portray non-Muslims as Islamophobics f they ever stand against Muslim Sharia law.

The employee, Carisa Bobskill is being portrayed as a Muslim-hater and her job and life are being put on the line. Nadia Alawa went to Facebook to stir up trouble.

The store manager did not allow Nadia get off scott-free from portraying the employee in such a grotesque fashion. “Mindy”, the manager, stated that Bobskill doesn’t have “a mean bone in her body.” She further relates that Alawa has personal issues if she felt threatened by an act of compassion for her safety in regards to the heat.

Maybe Alawa should dress differently and think logically. Sorry, that was a dumb comment. A radical Muslim think logically?

In a display of criminal attempt by any reasonable person, Alawa has apparently put a price on Bobskill’s head. She has filed a civil rights discrimination lawsuit as well in her home state. She is using Facebook to try and gain more support for her ridiculous cause claiming to offer ac for heavy attire is bigoted.


Yahoo attempted to get Alawa’s side of the story, but she is refusing comment. Instead of being officially interviewed she is setting her own agenda about the situation through Facebook.

The clothing outlet has issued a statement through Yahoo Style;

“We have reached out to Ms. Alawa to hear her perspectives directly. We are committed to providing an environment in all of our stores that is free of harassment and discrimination. We value the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and uniqueness of all of our customers and employees, and we hope to have the opportunity to speak directly with Ms. Alawa,”

Nadia Alawa probably would have started this ludicrous campaign against any retail outlet that spoke to her. White House Black Market just happened to be the recipient of the lawsuit.

Do you feel that Islam is on an attack against anyone that fails to bend to their will or attempts to insult their faith?

H/T: Mad World News

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