Trump Slams Obamacare, Says Democrats Led By 'Head Clown Chuck Schumer' -

Trump Slams Obamacare, Says Democrats Led By ‘Head Clown Chuck Schumer’

The effort to repeal Obamacare is getting under way in earnest.  It promises to be a most satisfying battle now that Trump is guiding the Republicans.


President-elect Donald Trump took to Twitter Thursday morning to slam Obamacare and Democrats, saying members of Congress from both sides of the aisle need to work together to come up with a better health care plan.

Trump said Democrats, led by “head clown Chuck Schumer,” understand how bad the law is, but they’re not trying to work and fix it.

Instead, all they’re doing is blaming, he added.


On Wednesday, Trump told the GOP to hold Democrats accountable for the impacts of Obamacare—namely its “poor coverage and massive premium increases.”

He also dispensed a little Trump wisdom telling Republicans to go slow and make sure the Democrats keep owning this disaster.

At the same time, however, President Obama met with Democrats on Capitol Hill to urge them to fight Republican efforts to repeal his signature health law.



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