Trump is Preparing To EXTERMINATE the Muslim Brotherhood -

Trump is Preparing To EXTERMINATE the Muslim Brotherhood

President Trump understands the perilous situation which he inherited from our first ‘Muslim’ president.  He sees through all the political correctness of the left.  More importantly, he is prepared to do something important – name the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization.

Radical Islam has shown up in different organizations in the last number of years. Al Qaeda, ISIS, Taliban, Democratic Party (oops) and the Muslim Brotherhood. This last group tried to make a mark by overthrowing the Egyptian government with Obama’s help and taking over leadership in that country. Fortunately, the military would have none of it. They pulled a coup and removed that group of Muslim Supremacists from power. The Brotherhood also is closely linked with the terrorist group  Hamas and the “mainstream” U.S. operational group known as  CAIR

That last group is important because they are a front for cultural jihad operating on American soil with impunity, and they have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Blame Obama and the Democrats for making that possible.  That should never have started, but thanks to Obama they had an open invitation.


According to The Federalist:

A proposal to finally designate the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as terrorist organizations may be put forward by the Trump administration, according to the New York Times, which heard from current and former officials briefed on the decision-making process.


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz sponsored the legislation along with Florida Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart. Cruz wrote on Twitter according to the Times: “It’s time to call the enemy by its name.”

Of course, the aforementioned group called CAIR stands resistant to the measure. It is not in their best interest for it to move forward. This organization that says it works for the better understanding of their faith is nothing but a terrorist cover.

CAIR denies their connection to terrorist groups, but they are definitely known to associate with HAMAS.

With the UAE and other Arab nations calling Brotherhood a terrorist group, there should be no problem with the designation in going through.

H/T: The Federalist

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