Trump Has Been Offered An Official State Visit By Queen Elizabeth -

Trump Has Been Offered An Official State Visit By Queen Elizabeth


President Trump is creating more and more wins with each passing day!

This one comes from our friends across the pond.

England had a rocky relationship with the US in the recent past under anti-American Obama. Obama had clearly sided with the allies’ enemies, and even went as far as to return the bust of Winston Churchill, which was gifted to us as a sign of friendship after the second World War. What type of lowlife returns a gift?

As a result, the Queen herself hasn’t been fond of Obama, from criticizing him for landing helicopters on her lawn, to even snubbing him on a state visit (more than once).

So the this offer is a MONUMENTAL sign that England is excited with our new President, and is looking forward to restoring the friendship between us. Her Majesty has OFFICIALLY invited President Trump, requesting a state visit!

Liberals all said that Trump would only have enemies on the world stage…but ALREADY the world is uniting under his banner.

Via: Breitbart

 Queen Elizabeth will invite U.S. President Donald Trump for a state visit to Britain next year to try to cement close ties between the two countries, The Sunday Times newspaper said.

Citing two ministers and a senior official close to Downing Street, the Sunday Times reported that discussions between British officials and Trump’s team would start soon to ensure that a date could be agreed for June or July next year.

Britain is keen to reinforce its “special relationship” with the United States as the government of Prime Minister Theresa May prepares to leave the European Union, a divorce that will shape the country’s standing in the world.

Trump invited May to visit him as soon as possible during their first telephone call since his election victory, the British prime minister’s office has said. Aides for May have said as yet there is no date for the trip.

The Sunday Times said the British government hopes that an official state visit will be its “secret weapon” for cementing ties after Trump met leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage earlier this month – the first British politician to do so.

The newspaper also said the Trump told May during their phone call last week that his late Scottish mother was a “big fan” of the Queen and asked the prime minister to pass on his best wishes to her.


Thank goodness we now have a president who knows who our allies are, and wants to right the wrongs of the previous failed administration!

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Via: Freedom’s Final Stand

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