Trump CRUSHES It Out of the Park After Trash Talking California Governor Defies On Sanctuary State -

Trump CRUSHES It Out of the Park After Trash Talking California Governor Defies On Sanctuary State


Liberal leftist California Governor Jerry Brown thought that he could talk tough with President Trump and scare him away so that California could keep its illegal thugs on the streets.

California Governor Jerry Brown was wrong!

Throughout his extremely tense and rocky relationship with our new President, Governor Brown has done everything in his power, which isn’t much, to moan and wail at President Trump’s policies on illegal immigration, and he even vowed to resist and defy the President’s agenda and keep illegal criminals protected in sanctuary cities within his state. He even went as far as to declare the entire state of California a sanctuary state, whatever that is. 


Recently Governor Brown thought he’d try to play the big man and talk tough to the President about sanctuaries.  With his voice rising to a scream he asserted:

“Not now, not ever. Let me be clear, we will defend everybody — every man, woman and child who has come here for a better life and has contributed to the well-being of our state!”

Our amazing president’s response? The President will begin the border wall construction in California!  It is set to begin in the San Diego area’s border community of Otay Mesa, the administration recently confirmed in a winning statement.

What a humiliation for the ultra liberal Governor Brown.  President Trump is sending a signal loud and clear with this.  He will keep his promises and no milk toast California liberal is going to stop him fro carrying out his duties.  Other governors and mayors will now take notice.  Perhaps they want to test this president as well?

They better go ask Governor “Moonbeam” First!

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