SUSAN RICE Shows Her Guilt Right Before She’s Supposed To Testify -

SUSAN RICE Shows Her Guilt Right Before She’s Supposed To Testify

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We have had a number of stories about Susan Rice and she continues to feed the press. One must wonder if she loves her name being out there…even if for the wrong reasons?

The former national security advisor to Barack Obama made news last year. She was linked to the scandal of surveilling than Candidate Donald Trump and his transition team. She was using intelligence agencies trying to link Trump to election rigging and anything else they could contrive.

She still keeps on making the front page. This time by refusing to meet for testimony with the House Intelligence Committee. She has postponed her appearance.

Who does that unless a guilty conscience is your motivation? One must wonder if her former boss is still sending her marching orders on how to behave?

She was originally on the hot seat for her revealing the names of people that were on Trump’s team. Meetings are supposed to be held in confidence and when the candidate wants to reveal names…he can. But Rice pressured CIA and NSA personnel to watch the “goings-on” of his transition conferences.

One victim of her agenda was Former Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

No date yet

As of late, no new date for her coming before the committee has been established. She is playing fast and loose with the wheels of justice.

Again, why?   Guilt perhaps?

On the Lou Dobbs program, news anchor and attorney Gregg Jarrett spoke about Rice and her lawyers. He suggests her counsel advised to stay hushed about things.

As he put it there are three possible scenarios of crimes she is guilty of;

“It’s a crime to lie in your request to unmask, there’s only one reason- you would decide that it was [a] national security [threat]. If the document on its face says there are no national security concerns, then you’ve lied.”

“It’s also a crime to use your public office for a corrupt purpose, that would be to lie.”

“It’s a crime to unmask and leak a name to the media, likely Michael Flynn.”

Watch the video of the entire interview. 


The news will eventually be reported about Rice. Share with people on Facebook about her latest development. Her guilt is going to come out. Interesting that she still plays possum…it’s only a matter of time.



h/t: CNN

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