Surprised Clinton Escaped Prosecution? Look who Comey's Brother Works For -

Surprised Clinton Escaped Prosecution? Look who Comey’s Brother Works For



The corruption associated with the Clintons and Obamas knows no end.

In the latest batch of reports, information has been revealed that James Comey’s brother works for the law firm that handles the Clinton Foundation’s taxes.

Now if that’s not corruption, and conflict of interests, NOTHING is!

James Comey worked several years in the public and private sector.

Comey served as general counsel at Lockheed Martin until 2010 when he departed with over $6 million to show for it. That same year, Lockheed Martin became a member of the Clinton Global Initiative and “won 17 contracts from the U.S. State Department, which was led by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” Big League Politics reports.

Comey just so happened to have joined the board of the British bank HSBC Holdings in 2013, which just so happens to be a Clinton Foundation partner.

You get the picture.

The disgraced, ousted FBI Director James Comey’s ties to the Clinton Foundation and the conflicts of interest that lie there are too close to not raise red flags, to say the least.

Noting all of this, one of the most important conflicts of interest is Comey’s brother Peter Comey’s role at the Washington law firm DLA Piper, where he serves as “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas”.

As Big League Politics reported, “DLA Piper’s offices [shortly before the election] . . . confirmed that the law firm immediately [patched] callers through to Peter Comey’s direct line there.”

DLA Piper is one of the top ten all-time career campaign donors for Hillary Clinton. On top of this, DLA Piper also happens to do the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. DLA Piper performed the 2015 audit of the Foundation when the scandal first broke.

According To Big League Politics:

Property records show that James Comey owns the mortgage on his brother Peter Comey’s house in Virginia. Therefore, James Comey had a direct financial relationship with a DLA Piper executive at the time he was investigating Clinton.

These relationships, though egregious, are symptomatic of the brazen culture of crony capitalism that exists in our nation’s capital. The public usually is prevented from learning these kinds of things, with the mainstream media blocking information from coming out. Sunlight is the only remedy.

When President Donald Trump finally fired James Comey as FBI director, Tucker Carlson said that everyone in Washington knows it was well past due.

You know what is past due? Locking these fools up, and stopping their corruption from ruining our country from within.

Enough is enough.

It is time to bring back law, order, and decency. Thank goodness that we have a president that cares about putting America first!

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