Stunning Contrast between Melania and Moochelle At Easter Egg Roll - One of them couldn't care less about Troops [VIDEO] -

Stunning Contrast between Melania and Moochelle At Easter Egg Roll – One of them couldn’t care less about Troops [VIDEO]



Easter is a special reminder to many of faith about the Resurrection. It is also a time that Americans enjoy festive celebration. Nothing more festive than the egg hunt and dinner with friends and family.

In Washington, the first family presided over the annual White House Easter Egg Hunt. President Trump and the First lady, Melania Trump spoke to the gathered crowd. With their son Barron, they spoke from the balcony.

After Donald spoke, she made mention of the military band and all the amazing volunteers.

What was touching and profound was Mrs. Trump giving a special thanks to the military for their service.

“I want to thank all of the military with us today, and all of the great military in this nation and service men and service women all around the world who is keeping us safe.”

The Difference

Compare Melania’s speech to this video of Michelle and Barack’s final speech at the Easter Egg Roll in 2016: “Today is a little bit bittersweet for us, because this is the Obama administration’s last Easter Egg Roll…(pauses for reaction from crowd)…yeah.”  Michelle continued, “And if we think about what we’ve accomplished over the past 7 years, it’s pretty incredible. Because when Barack and I first got here, one of the goals that we had was to open up the White House to as many people from as many backgrounds as possible. To open it up to our kids to our musicians, to explore our culture, to expose families to healthy living and to just to have fun.”


“fun” and “healthy living” in the same sentence. Sorry it’s Easter and fun is all the kids care about. Michelle did enough to intrude on “healthy living” in school cafeterias…but that’s another story.

Michelle could not stop “blah blah” about all the liberal accomplishments they had done in their terms. “their culture” versus American culture to the White House. Apparently, she felt 1600 Pennsylvania was a personal abode and not that of America as a whole.

Obama tried to remind her to say something about the military. Really? One that cares nothing about the service men and women telling another who forgets about them.

Michelle Obama;

 “And also to our military familiesI’ve got the peanut gallery back here remaining me of stuff.”

Yeah Michelle…funny.


The Easter Egg Hunt at the White House this year was a clear departure from the past presidency. The sincerity in acclamation was present. Trump and Melania displayed true affection for that attended. And it wasn’t a grandstand for political bias.

It was the President and family enjoying the time with America.

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