Starbucks CEO Shocked As New Store Doesn't Work Out As Expected [VIDEO] -

Starbucks CEO Shocked As New Store Doesn’t Work Out As Expected [VIDEO]

Starbucks is reaping the results of their hypocrisy. Thanks to former CEO Howard Schultz, the global coffeehouse giant is getting its coffee butt beat. How is that possible?

Schultz thought he was being progressive by pushing for both supporting Muslims and the LGBT community. Guess what? It doesn’t work. Especially when one group detests the other group.

The former Starbucks head tried to establish a new culture by offering Starbucks in Saudi Arabia to be “men only” in selling and service. Schultz also tried to provide Starbucks that were hiring only Muslim refugees.

Heavy Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia said no thank you. These nations pushed for a boycott because of Starbucks support of the gay community.

Amini Amir Abdullah, the head of Malaysian Perkasa’s Islamic affairs bureau, spoke to the boycott according to Daily Mail.

“Our objection is because they are promoting something that is against the human instinct, against human behaviour and against religion. That’s why we are against it,”

Pretty cut and dry

This response by the Muslim groups definitely surprised Schultz. He has carried an agenda as CEO of discriminating against anyone that held Christian beliefs. He even went so far as to tell believers of Jehovah they could stay out of his coffeehouses.

Guess when you try to bite the hand of God, you face some dire consequences. Unfortunately, Schultz’s attitude and actions are coming back to haunt the company and the new CEO Kevin Johnson.

Well, Howard, it seems your anti-conservative attitude has not gone well for you. You sure made a mess for your replacement. But like a good liberal, you do not care what happens to someone else for your mistakes. Sounds like a prior president doesn’t it?

The history and today

Schultz may not have realized just how his pro-gay stance would go over with Muslim tenets of faith. A past video clip illustrated his anti-Christian stand and support for the LGBT. However, Muslims find the LGBT lifestyle to be offensive and worthy of death. He backed a group that hates the people that live the gay lifestyle and actually puts them to death for it. Whereas Christians, who are called to love eveyone even while disagreeing with their lifestyle, are denounced by Schultz as being “intolerant” . Ironic isn’t it.

Here’s what happens in Muslim countries when a woman tries to go order a coffee: 


 Starbucks is caught in a colosssal mess of it’s CEO’s making.  Instead of focusing on sound business he tried to virtue signal to a small base of the Democratic party. Now they are paying the price.  It’s a steep one at that.
How do you feel about Starbucks attitude with Christians and other groups?


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