Shut Down America’s Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany -

Shut Down America’s Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany


Europe is facing its biggest dilemma since WWII. The influx of Muslim asylum seekers has also brought in radicals. These scum have no problem with hurting or killing people that disagree with their faith.

It seems we see smaller examples of the same scenarios here in the United States. Obama opened a window to every possible character out there that is seeking to immigrate here.

Yes, there is a problem with Obama’s decision. It’s called allowing unvetted people in that includes criminals and terrorists. The only place we should allow the low-life into is Guantanamo Bay or Gitmo. You know…the place Obama worked so hard to clear out the first time?

Other than that, we must end the refugee resettlement plan that Obama put into play. President Trump is trying to end that program, but the courts keep getting in the way.

According to the Federalist:

Last Christmas a truck attack occurred in Berlin, Germany. A popular nightclub was attacked in Turkey. There were 39 victims lives claimed. Of these a number were Americans. In July an attack happened in Nice, France.

These attacks were similar to terrorist occurances that happened in the US. Knife attacks against Americans happened in New York and a Virginia rail station. The one in NYC was perpetrated by an African MusliOhio State was the scene of a knife attack as well in November carried out by a lone Somali Muslim. Yes, he too was part of the refugee resettlement program.


And all of these took place during President Obama’s term of office. His program allowed in the very people that committed these attacks in the US. But liberals do not care. They seek to keep the borders open to allow potential Democrat voters into the country.


The final analysis is that the program needs shut down. Although Trump’s ban on refugee entrants from particular Middle East countries is taking place, more pressure on deporting known criminals and illegals needs to progress. (See conservatives can be progressive too.)


What is happening through the resettlement plan is that terrorist groups begin to form within the cities and rural areas. Besides the above knife attacks, there have been much more attempted attacks and convictions. Of these, 40 were refugees that were stopped or arrested.

Travel by those wanting to train with known terrorist groups has not been monitored either.

Obama left a mess that has to be cleaned up. Besides ending the program, there should be pressure on the DOJ to seek prosecution of the former president. The time is now to make things happen.

America cannot afford to follow the current path that is now in Europe. There has to an end to the resettlement program and look at the many that are here now.


read the whole thing.

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