Sharia on the Move...Muslim Sues Little Caesars for $100M Over Pork on Pizza -

Sharia on the Move…Muslim Sues Little Caesars for $100M Over Pork on Pizza

It is so tiring seeing how people expect corporations to cater to them. Australia and parts of Europe have bent to the dietary requirements of Islam.

It started with Subway being pressured to offer Halal stickered meat. Now Little Caesars caters to these ungrateful Muslims. No fast food establishment feels compelled to offer kosher meats to appease Jewish appetites.

But Muslims complained so much that corporations like Little Caesars decided to play the game.

So now what happens? A Muslim in Dearborn, Michigan is suing Little Caesars because they apparently sold him pork.

Fox 29 reports that Mohamad Bazzi took home a pizza and it had pork although it was stickered Halal. So he took his whine to the police department.  He cried that he had been “defrauded and wondered how many other people may have been unknowingly eating ‘pork’ that defendants sold as ‘halal.’” That’s because they do the work of the FDA. Is he really oblivious to who handles food issues?

This haramest of harams, eating pork, is a sacrilegious offense to Muslims. Sorry but that is the mark of immaturity to sue over the wrong meat placed on the pizza.

The lawsuit makes the claim that Bazzi went back to the same Little Caesars and was told,

“I was here with the young lady, you told us to put the sticker on there and then a woman came in here, we only give you what you asked for, you asked her to give you hot and ready pepperoni and that’s what you asked for,” adding, “you told her to put the sticker on there, I have no idea, I’m like no, we only take orders because it was your order and you said you wanted pepperoni, so we said ok.”

“provide proper training to employees on the magnitude and emotional distress that is caused by feeding ‘pork’ to Muslims under the guise that is is ‘halal.’”  the lawsuit further addresses.


Bazzi says he deserves $100 million in damages for being distraught. He must have read the liberal handbook about emotional distress deserves to be awarded by Corporate America. No wonder Muslims are seen as adding to the destruction of American capitalism.

Per Fox 29 stated that Little Caesars feels for the Muslim community but stands by their employees.

It is a total catastrophe that businesses are facing frivolous lawsuits by “distraught” Muslims. They force their dietary demands upon these food establishments, then act butthurt when they don’t get what they want.

Liberals have a big hand in this direction. Time to push back and tell Islamic groups they are not going to ramrod their beliefs into corporate America. Christians don’t even pull this malarkey.

Write Little Caesars and tell them they should cease from catering to special interest groups like Muslims.

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