ROSENSTEIN Just DESTROYED James Comey With One Sentence -

ROSENSTEIN Just DESTROYED James Comey With One Sentence

Former FBI Director James Comey was slow during the 2016 election campaign to do his job. Last July he stated that he would not seek charges against Hillary Clinton. According to him, her email server issue was simply bad judgment.

Downloading highly classified material to your private email server is “bad judgment?” Seriously, how lame did that sound?

Under pressure from his own agents, he was forced to address the issue directly. However, he shocked the country when he detailed all her crimes but then turned around and made light of them. This proved he was a Hillary boy all along.

So fast forward a few months. Comey was fired by Trump because of a memo that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein released about Comey.

Now we get a picture behind Rosenstein’s thoughts about Comey in a Fox News interview. Rosenstein laid into Comey’s character in trying to sink Trump’s presidency.  Apparently, Comey leaked confidential items that were not for public eyes.

As Rosenstein declared:

“We take confidentiality seriously, so when we have memoranda about our ongoing matters, we have an obligation to keep that confidential.”

The former FBI head had broken the law by releasing information that was to be kept secret. A man like that has no business leading a law enforcement agency.

Watch the Rosenstein video. 


The host asked Rosenstein if Comey’s friendship to current Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was of any concern. Remember, Mueller is looking into the Russian affair.

Rosenstein said this:


Democrats wanted Comey to stay on board at the FBI. He was their link to the work going on about the “Russian collusion.” Hillary’s henchman would have continued to be a thorn in the President’s side.

Yes, he had to go. DO you agree?




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