Restaurant Employees Sang “F**k the Police” to Officers...How'd That Work Out? -

Restaurant Employees Sang “F**k the Police” to Officers…How’d That Work Out?

Law enforcement is not an easy job. The men and women in blue field considerable flack everyday. If their life isn’t on the line, their reputation is. They must be professional at all times, when the world around them falls apart.

They deserve respect but get constant criticism and accusations. Sure there are the rotten apples in uniform. But the majority that are decent get ignored by the mainstream media. Unless it is showcase them as thugs and ignorant.

One restaurant’s police baiting glee club

One restaurant in North Carolina decided it would be a good thing to sing to the police eating there. The song of choice was less than tasteful. The employees of Smithfield’s Chicken and Barbecue sang a song bashing the police.

Even the manager joined in. Looks like a whole lot of terminations is coming to this culinary delight.

Even worse, the police were on their time off the clock to enjoy a meal. What customer wants a serenade bashing their form of employment?

The News Observer reported:

“A North Carolina fast food restaurant has apologized to police in Raleigh after an officer claimed employees sang ‘F*** the police’ while he was eating with his colleagues.”

Apology not accepted. These fools represent your company. You want quick action if your place is being robbed. Yet, you denigrate these fine men and women with that vile song?
The local police union posted a notice on its Facebook page on Friday:

“The sarcastic message went on to recognize their ‘class and professionalism as you sang “F*** the police” as my brothers at Raleigh Police Department attempted to eat at your restaurant.’
‘The manager sang along as well. Do you really feel that was appropriate?’ the scathing post continued.”

The franchisee apologized to the police with this:

“We are forever grateful for all the men and women of law enforcement’s courage, dedication and sacrifice.”

Ridiculous is the only expression one can consider to the apology. Where did that mindset come from Smithfield in the first place? One employee doing a solo would be bad enough. But this was an entire staff of your establishment.

If your apology is sincere than do more than lip service. Donate to their charity. Declare a day of honoring these street warriors. Do something more tangible.

Otherwise your words fall on empty ears.

Would you frequent this restaurant knowing how they behaved towards the police?

Read more: Daily Mail

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