Republican State Rep: ISIS Should Be Allowed To Recruit At Colleges -

Republican State Rep: ISIS Should Be Allowed To Recruit At Colleges


To read a story as the one to follow is to make you shake your head. Especially since the individual involved was a Republican. Wonder how far left of one he would be?

A lawmaker from Knoxville, Tenn, apparently has “OK’d” the idea that ISIS should be allowed to step onto a US college campus and recruit? Let’s forget the political persuasion for a moment. The idea this person says that allowing any terrorist group to be on a campus sets the worst tone in itself. Then to allow them to seek new members freely?

From: The Tennessean

“While presenting a billed dubbed the “Tennessee Student Free Speech Protection Act,” Rep. Martin Daniel, R-Knoxville, fielded a question from Rep. John DeBerry Jr., D-Memphis, about whether he believed ISIS should be able to stand in the middle of university campuses and “recruit for ISIS.”

“Yes,” Daniel replied. “So long as it doesn’t disrupt the proceedings on that campus. Yes sir. They can recruit people for any other organization or any other cause. I think it’s just part of being exposed to differing viewpoints.”


Apparently, Daniel was referencing a new bill that would open up college campuses for better freedom of speech issues. If that is his message that should be the end of it. But to say that even Isis or some other similar group be given a free course of movement and speech? That is beyond pale.

Academia is about new ideas and learning. But it is also about a safe environment and not catering to subversive and violent entities as well.

There are limits to what should be allowed. One of them is having open dialog by a known terror group be stopped and the members are incarcerated.

ISIS is not the Young Democrats league or a frat house. It is a bunch of cowards dedicated to the violent overthrow of anyone that is anti-Islam.

Martin Daniel should know better than to speak from that framework. It shows  a lack of common sense or sensibilities

.What do you think of this lawmaker’s words?


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