Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is Shown as the Clown She Is. -

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is Shown as the Clown She Is.

Is there still time for one more Schadenfreude video collection?

Okay, I get it that Christmas is a week away and it is time for us to embody goodwill toward all.  But I am not seeing very much of that from the other side, even though the more pragmatic among them have admitted that denial isn’t working. So, with the stipulation that I am not full of sweetness & light yet, I beg readers’ indulgence for the following delicious compilation by the Trump Fan Network of Rachel Maddow’s snark about Trump, mixed in with a little reality for the smartest person on MSNBC

Hat tip: Big Fur Hat of iOTWReport

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