Putin Stirs Democrat Rage Over Fake Collusion Narrative -

Putin Stirs Democrat Rage Over Fake Collusion Narrative

I can honestly say I never thought I would say that Vladimir Putin make sure more sense than Washington.

He’s right, every day this nonsense just debases the government of American and makes them all look like the most desperate clowns the world has ever suffered.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says that he has a transcript that will prove that Trump did not pass Russia any secrets. He says that “stupid” US politicians are trying to undermine the President of the United States.

He also said that Moscow found the debates around Russia and Trump colluding as “funny,” but that now Moscow is getting “concerned.” Here is the video below of exactly what Vladimir Putin said last night.

The Russian president was speaking at a joint news conference with Italian prime minister and said that he had “no other explanation” as to why Trump came under attack. He said that his opponents had “political schizophrenia.”

 Putin said that he will share the talks between Trump and Lavrov with Congress if the White House approved.

Putin then joked that he would need to punish Lavrov for not sharing such “secrets with us.”

This is not good. Vladimir Putin is making fun of our politicians for how terrible they are being to Trump. This Russian witch hunt is embarrassing.

Putin’s jokes sting because his sarcasm is on point. America is being driven into the ground by a media that refuses to acknowledge that they were wrong about the sentiment of the American people, so every day they continually drum beat their insane stories of Russians taking over the White House, of Trump’s complete incompetence (as if he ran the government alone?) and now, after so long suffering under this nonsensical tirade – Vladimir Putin looks like the reasonable, sensible man.

Thanks a bunch, fake news Mainstream Media. You couldn’t shove your preferred candidate down the American public’s throats (NYT – Trump has an 8% chance of winning the presidency, Hillary 92%) – so you are going to just destroy the country with fake news.

I, for one, consider the purposeful distortions and outright lies spewed by so-called “news” organizations to be absolutely un-American.

But I’m telling you right now, the Democrats are so scared that their corruption is coming to an end, they are doing everything they can to distract, but we see through their lies.

They corrupted the US so much that this whole Russia and President Trump thing will backfire on them, so like our president says, it’s a win win for us.

We should thank the Democrats for snitching on themselves. Bring it on!

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