Putin: Countries That Accept Refugees Have No Future If They Continue -

Putin: Countries That Accept Refugees Have No Future If They Continue

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a leader who thinks first and foremost about his country.  As Americans we have to cast a wary eye on both Russia and Putin after we faced them down in the Cold War.  He is no friend of ours and we may very well be heading for a dangerous confronation in the near future.

However, that doesn’t prevent us from benefitting from the truth in his world view.  In this case, the European drive for cultural and national suicide is simply so startling that Putin was forced to comment.  When has there ever been so startling a situation where major world powers with long glorious histories simply stop caring about there citizen’s future.

Putin expressed his astonishment – an astonishment that most thinking Americans feel – as to why European countries were taking in so many migrants given the massive spike in crime  sweeping the continent.  He went straight to the heart of the matter when he observed  that a society which cannot protect its children “has no future”.

 “It doesn’t fit into my head what on earth they’re thinking over there,” said Putin, adding, “This is the result of the dilution of national values.”
 “I can’t even explain the rationale – is it a sense of guilt before the migrants?” he asked. “What’s going on? It’s not clear.”

“But a society that cannot defend its children today has no tomorrow, it has no future,”

Understandably he quipped that he would not look to Europe for advice on Russia’s immigration policy

Putin’s warning  is very timely given the massive crime and terrorist activity that is now engulfing Europe with pictures of a huge migrant brawl on the streets of Paris. The French capital as well as others are overrun  migrants  sleeping on the streets and intimidating locals.  Rapes of women and children are way up.  Everyone is on edge wondering when the next semi-truck will mow down happy families out for a stroll.

A video that went viral last month shows the state of Paris in the aftermath of accepting thousands of asylum seekers.

Some areas of the city now resemble open air migrant camps with filth and litter strewn everywhere.

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