Pretentious WUSS Mark Cuban is SCARED … He has some RIDICULOUS Advice for President Trump! [VIDEO] -

Pretentious WUSS Mark Cuban is SCARED … He has some RIDICULOUS Advice for President Trump! [VIDEO]


Billionaire Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA team the Dallas Mavericks and one of the five loan sharks on NBC’s Shark Tank, claims that Trump’s unpredictability is “scaring the hell out of everybody every single day.”

I’m not scared at all. Are you?

Appearing on the premiere of the new Fox News show “The Fox News Specialists,” Cuban stated that the president should tell Americans what he plans to do regarding global threats.


Mark Cuban has never served his country in any capacity, but want to have a say on how our President should conduct himself. What a stereotypical liberal hypocrite!

What would have happened if the 101st Airborne division shouted their coordinates out to the Germans in the Ardennes forest in Belgium during the battles of World War II?

What would have happened if General Patton sent out information to reporters about where and when he was planning to attack?

Most of us wouldn’t exist, that’s what.

I’ll take Cuban being scared over tons of Americans dying because we told the enemy when and where and what we will do in sensitive situations.

Does he not understand the concept of keeping critical plans quiet and a secret until they are implemented? The element of surprise is important when dealing with dictators, both in negotiations as well as in military planning and execution.

Moreover, and I am addressing the liberal brain-dead masses here, I challenge you to name one single successful leader that gave his opponents an idea of what they plan to do in security-threatening and sensitive situations. Don’t worry, I’ll wait. Like liberal Americans like Cuban and the Lame-Stream Media are going to keep a secret. Hah!

Cuban should stick to basketball, at least he is mediocre at that. Let the big boys make the big decisions. Like President Trump and General Mattis and General Kelly.

He has no business on this show, and Fox should not ever invite him back. The man is arrogant and has no class. He may have money, but that doesn’t give him the right to tell us Americans what we should think. We know what we want, and that’s why we voted for Trump!

Remember, this is the same genius who predicted that the stock markets would tank if President Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Maybe Cuban should practice what he preaches and have his NBA team’s head coach Rick Carlisle give the Mavericks’ game plans to each opponent before they play. Let’s see how well that works out.

Everyone needs to hop off Trump’s back and let the man lead!

President Trump doesn’t scare me at all. As a matter of fact, I feel relieved to know he’s doing everything he can to make this country great and safe again, and I am extremely annoyed at those trying to stop him with their anti-American agenda and blatant ignorance!

Do you agree?

Watch his entire ridiculous comments in the video below, then share and weigh in with your thoughts on this!

"[President Donald J. Trump is] scaring the hell out of everybody every single day."On The Fox News Specialists, billionaire Mark Cuban said the president should tell Americans what he plans to do about global threats.Read more:

Posted by Fox News on Monday, May 1, 2017

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